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Industry leading home automation

Only ever installing the best equipment to the highest standards (and yes, that does mean we are extra neat and tidy).
Home automation will enhance how you live in your home. From turning on lights, waking up to your favourite song and allowing you to monitor your home from where ever you may be. Technology working together to simplify life.

Control4 installation will give you the home automation system you have always dreamed of. Controlling lights, televisions and your bespoke home cinema.

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We've got all the demo kit

The latest home automation kit for you to try, either at our place or yours.
You'll definitely want to give our demo kit a go. Our portable demo kit can be brought to you, or why not come and try the full setup at our dedicated smart home in Worcestershire. Take as long as you need, we'll keep bringing the coffee.

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We agree, the customer is always right

We understand that every customer has unique requirements
We always spend plenty of time listening to our customers to understand exactly what they need. We also keep our clients updated with the latest product releases during installation. So when we finish installation our customer's have a stunning home with the latest gadgets that are integrated seamlessly. We love our job, but don't just take our word for it. Our testimonials say more that we ever could - give them a read.