Ferrari Garage Project

This project was a large unusual project which combined a part house, part showroom for some rather special Ferraris.

We joined the project as the final rennovation was taking place and we were able to squeeze the customer into our busy schedule to get all cables run ready for first fix.

As suggested by the nature of the project we had to be extra careful when working around cars, all while keeping everything super neat and tidy.

We were pleased to finish on time with extra work being provided by the customer who was impressed with the quality of the equpment and the service.

With everything perfectly laid out in this dream garage, the television must be hidden out of sight when not in use by this motorised and automated screen

Convenient Control4 touchscreen controls in the kitchen provide an excellent way to control the smart home.

The rack install for the site was small area in a garage with everything mounted off the floor.

Even the smaller bedrooms get the works with television and soundbar neatly mounted in front of the bed.

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